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What if I don’t have a credit card? Can I still shop online?

YES, you can! Please come visit our office at Schotlandstraat 77-A and we’ll be happy to assist you with placing your order. You can pay us in cash or with your debit card for the items you want and we’ll use our company credit card to pay for the order. Easy! We’re here to help YOU!


I’ve never done any online shopping. Can you teach me how to do it?

For people who aren’t used to online shopping, it can feel a little overwhelming and nerve-wracking at first. Stay tuned for occasional online shopping workshops that we will offer to show you how to do it safely and effectively! Sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media accounts for announcements.


When I buy products online, how much will the import duties be?

Import duties for products coming into Aruba are calculated by Aruba Customs using the CIF formula (cost + insurance + freight). The median import duty is 12%, but anything considered “luxury items” are assessed higher import duties.


I’m trying to shop online, but some stores won’t accept my credit card since it has a billing address in Aruba. What can I do?

There are two different ways to address this. You can ask your credit card company or bank to add the USA address as a secondary address, or you can have us place your order for you with our company card.


Why do you want me to upload my order invoice?

Hermes has to have your order information and details in order to prepare the required Aruba Customs documentation to import your purchases into Aruba.


What are typical import duties on various kinds of products?

Auto parts: 22%, Bedspreads, quilt: 22%, Books: 0%, Cameras: 12%, Candles: 12%, Cellphones: 12%, Clothing: 6%, Cosmetics: 3%, Digital cameras: 6%, DVDs: 12%, Electronics: 12%, Furniture, cabinets: 22%, Household articles (wooden): 12%, Inflatable pool: 12%, Jewels: 12%, Leather articles: 12%, Lingerie: 6%, Magazines: 6%, Music CDs: 12%, Paint: 6%, Party supplies: 22%, Perfume: 3%, Polish: 12%, Porcelain: 6%, Shoes: 6%, Soap: 6%, Spoons, forks: 6%, Supplements: 6%, Tablecloths: 12%, Tires: 22%, Toiletries: 3%, Tools: 12%, Toys: 6%, Umbrellas: 22%, Vitamins: 6%, Watches: 3%


What payment methods does Hermes accept?

We can accept cash, bank transfers, Maestro (both in-store and at delivery), credit cards (both in-store and at delivery) and PayPal.


How can I calculate shipping/transportation costs?

We’re working to develop and online calculator to help you with this, but in the meantime, please feel free to contact us for any quote you may need.


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