Many people in Aruba want to experience the convenience, speed and savings of  shopping online in US-based stores but don’t feel comfortable doing it. They may just be new to the whole experience, or they may worry about whether their purchases will arrive safely to Aruba, or maybe don’t have a credit card to place online orders. At Hermes we’ve created a great solution for all these barriers: Online shopping services! Even if you’ve never shopped online before or don’t have a credit card, we can help! And using our special US address to receive your purchases, we can make sure they get to Aruba quickly and safely. We’re here to support you so you can enjoy the benefits of online shopping. Contact us today to find out how we can help!


Online Shopping Services

Helping residents and others in Aruba shop online in US-based stores to make sure their purchases arrive safe and sound to Aruba, including assistance with the online purchasing process.

Freight/Cargo/Warehouse Solutions

Reliable services for businesses that need to get their inventory shipped to or from Aruba, manage logistics, store materials and distribute in a timely fashion.

Customs Procedures

Businesses need help keeping up with ever-changing customs requirements. Hermes knows exactly what has to happen in order to effectively and efficiently manage customs compliance.

International Moving

When your personal belongings are at stake in moving to or from One Happy Island, Hermes is the company you can trust to make it happen efficiently and safely.


Whether you need online shopping services, freight forwarding, cargo logistics, customs clearance, warehousing, distribution, delivery or moving services, we are dedicated to excellence in customer service.


Whatever you need to ship, move, store or receive in Aruba, whether it’s inventory for a business, your own online purchases or your personal belongings, Hermes is here to help.


Hermes is aiming to be the leading company in Aruba for individuals and businesses who need to receive shipments from abroad in a timely fashion while ensuring the safety and security of your packages.

Your best shipping courier in Aruba

People in Aruba finally have the option to shop online stores in the US knowing their purchases will be delivered thanks to our online shopping services. Moreover, the vast majority of businesses in Aruba depend heavily on having their products, inventory, raw materials and other items transported to One Happy Island from abroad. Hermes can meet your cargo and delivery needs!